BSL’s CF5000 system is a ‘win-win’

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Frame, CF5000 and Analyser Assembly

Frame, CF5000 and Analyser Assembly

BSL Gas Technologies Ltd was delighted to have been contacted by a well-known brewery, which asked the company to supply a system to help with high flows of gases.

BSL subsequently supplied them with two new Gas Mixing Systems for the brewer’s keg and cask racking halls. Each of the systems has a Gas Mixer and Gas Analyser mounted to a stainless-steel frame, in order that the system could be as conveniently close to each operation as possible. Stainless-steel was used because it will not rust, bearing in mind contact with all the cleaning solutions, steam and condensation, therefore keeping it as clean and hygienic as possible.

The brewery collected the finish Gas Mixer, Gas Analyser and frame on a Friday morning. These were then piped into position over the weekend, so there was little disruption to production at the brewery and they were ready and functional for the Monday.

Monday morning was commissioning and first run through at the brewery. The units were ready for the first shift and Keith and Tony from BSL were on hand to assist managers and staff. At the end of the day, two shifts had been run successfully on both systems. The two teams of operators and engineers had also been trained in how to use the new systems.

The first system is used to supply mixed gas for the existing 600 keg-per-hour kegging line. The second is used to supply mixed gas for storage tanks, beer tankers of guest beers and one or two other activities. The second system is located near the existing cask line. Both systems are capable of high flows, even though the existing supply gas pressures are relatively low, sand both have a gas analyser to measure, display and monitor the gas mixtures. These Gas Mixers are adjustable for the different beer products at the brewery. The Gas Analysers have a 4 to 20 mA output signal, which feeds directly into their existing SCADA system for complete process trace-ability and control.

Said a spokesperson for BSL, “We were very pleased to be involved in this project and the brewery is very happy with the system we provided. A great win-win situation!”

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