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A family-owned business for nearly 145 years, Croxsons enjoys a rich and unique heritage, putting its continued success down to a ‘relentless attention to execution, not just in delivering a product, but also in providing service excellence.’ The company’s refreshed look includes a new logo that delivers a contemporary typeface and new fresh ‘Croxsons’ green colour, complemented by founder William Croxson's signature. The logo design includes the line ‘A Family of Packaging’, which conveys the importance the company place in nurturing business relationships, whilst also demonstrating the breadth and completeness of its offering - single- source, multi-choice glass packaging and closure expertise. A new website has also been developed to provide a fresh and up-to-date insight into the company’s product and service capabilities. The scale of the makeover, handled by Chester-based marketing agency Armstrong, with strong links to glass and alcoholic drinks, has included re-defining Croxsons’ services and combining all of the stages into one customer journey. Alongside a strong commitment to service and the creation of added-value, from collaboration, design and containers, to closures, decoration and logistics, customers can now find everything that they need at Croxsons. Of the brand refresh, COO Tim Croxson said: “We are very happy with the new styling for Croxsons, which represents our image in a fresh and contemporary way. Coupled with this our on-brand messaging provides an accurate reflection of who we are and what we currently offer.” Emmerald swept into the cask industry just over 2 years ago with its unique, reusable GreenCask and GreenKeg. After experiencing its busiest quarter in August 2016, the company is now supplying over 200 breweries in the UK with its reusable, plastic casks. Is this move from steel to plastic set to continue? It would seem in the case of Emmerald, the answer is yes. The company’s impressive market growth is not only restricted to the UK, says Sales and Marketing Director Greg Whitehorne. “Since moving our manufacturing facilities to Ireland and opening our distribution centre in the UK we are seeing an increasing market emerge for our plastic casks and kegs in Ireland, USA and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. The craft brewing sector is a very close knit community, so word-of-mouth from our existing customers is proving key to our expansion. This can only be achieved if the servicing product we supply is first class.” So why are more and more breweries choosing plastic over steel? This colourful, bold, brash newcomer is becoming an attractive alternative for breweries who are as committed to sustainability, reliability as well as the environment and cost savings. Extensive testing, under extreme conditions, including; handling, temperature, taste, pressure, tamper, fire and freezing meant the Emmerald GreenCask and GreenKeg had to meet exhaustive industry standards. So much so it carries the industry 7 year minimum warranty. Plastic casks and kegs are proving to be more durable than steel, says Emmerald, who point out that brewers no longer need to repair battle worn, damaged casks and kegs, and with zero theft value, the cask is allowed on its regular journey from the brewer to the bar, to the drinker and back to the brewer unhindered. It’s also lighter, a big plus when you look at handling and transportation. Breweries using the GreenCask and GreenKeg say it definitely more viable for them and their customers to use; environmentally, economically and socially. “With a quick turnaround, delivery and a great finance option we were able to put our new stock to use very quickly and expand our supply to our growing customer base.” says Phil Kemp, Fyne Ales. “It’s great to see breweries expanding and benefiting from the hard work Emmerald have put into our R&D and the manufacturing of our products,“ says Greg Whitehorne. “Brewers are saving up to 35% on the steel equivalent, giving brewers of all sizes the opportunity to expand and explore different routes to market with the benefits and savings gained when using plastic cask and kegs.” Photo: Tyne Bank Brewery. Newcastle Upon Tyne 16 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Is plastic the new steel? Croxsons unveils new brand makeover For more information visit: For more information visit: News CONTAINERS 16_Layout 1 30/10/2016 13:16 Page 1