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Already targeting the future demands of the industry, the second truck will be named after the notorious Wolf of Badenoch, and the accompanying bottling line is currently in manufacture, with plans to start mobile bottling operations in England in early 2017. Further trucks and rigs are being planned to expand CMB’s operations in UK for the increasing number of craft breweries, cider, mead, mixers, csd's and water producers. The Carmichael-designed and manufac- tured equipment comprises a full processing system including chilling, sterile filtration, carbonation, and CIP, whilst the actual bottling line which runs at 1,800 bph (30 bpm) incorporates both left hand & right hand unwind pressure sensitive labellers, Linx ink jet coding on bottle necks, rinsing, filling, and crowning. For packing there are options for both a box taper and a tray/shrink wrapper. To supply the power, the unit is fitted with a 34 kva generator and the unit also carries 2,000 litres of water for CIP and cleaning. Can filling will also be available on all the future rigs from 2017. All the bottling line equipment is manufactured by an associated company, Carmichael Engineering Group, based in Poland. The advantages of the CMB system over fixed site contract bottlers are many and include bottling under the brewery’s own supervision, full control of the product, development and tweaking of new products and brands, bottled on-site on label, small batches, ability to handle bottle conditioned beers, full flexibility, dispensing with transport of IBC's, coupled with reduced logistics, planning and transport costs. The time savings are also very significant for companies and individuals who spend much valuable time on soul-destroying hand bottling. Edinburgh-based Stewart Brewing, which currently has a new Carmichael bottling line on order, is using CMB to provide all its bottling requirements up to Xmas and the unit has also been used extensively at Alechemy Brewing, and EdinBrew, both in Livingston, and Clockwork Beer Co in Glasgow, with the bottling date diary quickly filling up with many other craft brewers who realise the significant advantages of CMB, including the new Ferry Brewery located close to The Forth Bridges, and Kentwood Brewing. At the time of publication, Lord of the Isles was heading over the border to provide the bottling of a range of beers for Sheffield Brewery Co, and also beers at Ainsty Ales in York. Bottling dates for still and carbonated water are being scheduled for the marvellously unique Loch Ness Water brand, much of which will be exported, and plans are in hand to start bottling scotch whisky mixers early next year, whilst a cider producer in Norfolk is planning to use CMB in the Spring for an initial run of 7000 litres. When asked about CMB, James Davies, Managing Director and Head Brewer of Alechemy Brewing, responded, “CMB are great to work with, and communication is always quick and effective. They will always try to accommodate our requests and help us achieve the quality which we strive for. The flexibility of the system is second to none and setup quick and easy, and they are happy to make slight changes and modifications as we go along. Overall a joy to work with”. Over in Glasgow, Carol Wright McCabe, General Manager of Clockwork Beer Co, emailed after their first CMB bottling in October, "The bottling went swimmingly! Everything ran very smoothly and we couldn't be happier with the end product. I have a meeting with the directors this week and I am confident we will be ready to organise the 2nd bottling phase very soon, hopefully with double the quantity this time! A few others breweries were passing here on the day, so you are sure to get more bookings." In addition to the mobile operation, CMB will be setting up strategic hubs throughout the UK using the vehicles in certain areas where customers with limited access or small volumes can have their products sent for bottling. In addition CMB are also tied in with Palletways to ease transport of IBC’s and bottle pallets anywhere in UK. CMB is determined to grow the business as necessary to cater for the demands of the growing number of breweries and assorted beverage companies, and indeed CMB is not confining it's future only in UK, but next year will commence operations in USA through CMB (USA) Inc with the first rig kicking off in Philadelphia, whilst also looking into various other international opportunities. 18 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS ...and now for something completely different For more information visit: News CONTAINERS 18_Layout 1 30/10/2016 13:22 Page 1