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Mundane tasks such as, stock control, asset management, financial recording, duty calculation and traceability are a few in our industry. All are relevant and you typically need the detail when something goes wrong. SPAsoft works to build efficiency, one click can create an invoice, allocate stock, create a duty record and track the assets whilst recording what the customer bought and any comment they made when placing the order. Take a look at how much time is wasted on IT; SPAsoft offers a cloud-based solution, removing the worry and expense. Access is via a basic PC, even one purchased at a supermarket, keeping costs down. BMS cloud can be accessed from anywhere; sales teams with laptops or iPads, at home or at the customer. SPAsoft maintains the servers, ensuring the backups and disaster recovery are in place and can give live support where required. As a modular system customers only pay per month for the modules and users they need. BMS cloud is hosted on secure servers with backups, 3 tier disaster recovery, dual incoming lines and emergency power. Support is part of the package to assist with training and ensure users get the most from the modules. Software upgrades are managed by SPAsoft on the cloud server. Building on its modular, cost efficient, cloud based brewery management solution ‘BMS cloud’, SPAsoft now offers a module for Cider producers. The new Cider module adds solutions to the operations that differentiate cider manufacture from brewing. A facility to record Bulk Apple receipts (pictured) with relevant information, and which batch of juice they go into, gives traceability from Orchard through each of the processing stages to final product in Bulk, Keg, BiB, Bottle or Can. The processing ingredients are also traced using their supplier batch number with stock control and reorder points. The BMS cloud Base Module has been developed over several years and manages the key aspects of the business: barcode keg tracking, order processing, stock management of finished goods, delivery management, invoicing, duty calculation, an accounts package interface and general reporting. Further modules can be added for paperless Delivery and Route Management. Production to different packaging styles and onto pallets makes stock control of finished goods and dispatch fast, efficient and accurate. SPAsoft adds Cider module KegFlow, the brewing industry brand of Athelia Solutions, will be showcasing its RFID keg and cask tracking solution at a live demo taking place in the UK in January. There will also be a chance to see the UK launch of the Athelia Django IoT (Internet of Things) live monitoring system that connects cooling and dispensing equipment directly with maintenance and repair, avoiding breakdowns and reducing costs. Rather than a sales pitch, the seminar will enable all of those interested to see what’s available on the market now, and how that could generate real return on investment. Kegflow is a proven RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag driven keg & cask tracking and management solution, developed by the industry, for the industry. It is a comprehensive, scalable and powerful solution that has been developed specifically with brewers needs in mind. It enables brewers to realise return on investment from the tracking and managing of their valuable supply chain assets. It is a solution that delves deep into brewers’ processes. For example the solution calculates ongoing cycle times so that you can forecast keg and cask purchase accurately. Tracking technology pinpoints asset losses and loss rate trends. The Django IoT the system enables clients to act ‘predictively’ rather than reactively or routinely when it comes to cooler and dispenser breakdowns and maintenance. It avoids unnecessary maintenance, and can prevent genuine downtime before it happens. Athelia and KegFlow are known globally for their role transforming brewing supply chains and are one of the current go-to experts in disruptive technology for industrial applications. They have also broke the mould in terms of budgetary expenditure, and can offer selected parties a recurring fee option as opposed to the traditional lengthy capital expenditure route. January RFID & IoT seminar for brewers 42_Layout 1 30/10/2016 15:16 Page 1