Saturday, July 20

What we print…and what we don’t!


• EDITORIAL is always included free-of-charge. Inclusion is at our discretion. There is no compulsion
to advertise to support your editorial, but there are benefits (see below).
• Each issue consists of NEWS pages – split into categories – and one or more SHOWCASE features,
which appear on colour-tinted pages. Some issues may also contain an EVENT PREVIEW feature, or
a FOCUS feature on a particular sector of the market (eg. Cider, Distilling, etc).
• NEWS pages report on new products and services available to UK brewers, distillers, cider makers etc,
in addition to very recent case studies involving UK customers. They should be presented to us as
being written in the THIRD PERSON. Typical wordage around 350 with a hi-res picture.
• SHOWCASE features can be used by companies to illustrate their offerings to the UK market, be that
specific items, or a total package. Case studies are also welcome. These can be presented to us as
being written in the FIRST or THIRD PERSON. Typical wordage around 350 with a hi-res picture.
• Event PREVIEW and FOCUS features follow the same guidelines as SHOWCASE features.
• We are also happy to include any OBJECTIVE articles, relevant to the UK market, where we can credit
a named author. Please note that these articles must be written for us and not offered to other
publications, prior to appearing in B&BIB. Typical wordage around 600 with a short biography and
a hi-res picture of the author. Some reference to the author’s own company’s products and services
is allowable but must be included in moderation.
• We will not print blatant ‘advertorials’. We also reserve the right to exclude any references to being
the ‘biggest’, ‘best’, ‘fastest’ or similar claims for which independent confirmation is not provided.


• We believe our advertising rates to be the LOWEST in the industry, with additional discounts
available, including for a Series booking, and for BFBi members.
• There is RIGHT HAND PAGE availability for advertising, which can be positioned close to any
editorial you may have supplied.
• Editorial submitted by an advertiser in that issue will appear with an enhanced contacts information
box. We will also provide a further platform for this editorial via our Social Media (Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram) pages.


• The magazine also appears ONLINE in page-flip format, with contact information linked to
relevant company websites.