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The concept of the first caskwasher was born out from a conversation with a local brewer who was having issues with cleaning casks consistently. Keith Trenton, the design engineer at Caskforce, explains: “The need to make sure that breweries - whatever their size - deliver a consistent quality product time and again is fundamental to their success. They need to be sure that when they fill their casks that the quality of the product to the end user is consistent and ullages are kept to the bare minimum. The success of the Caskforce range of machines has been down to their ability to consistently produce a clean cask time and again which not only save the brewer time it also saves the brewery money.” Hugh Crane was approached by brewers to use the same technology and apply it to the keg sector, and the K-series dual cask/keg washers was developed in 2014 to meet the demands of both markets. Due to its success Caskforce has now developed a new standalone keg washer/filler. The machine is available in two variants, the KEG2000 which is a washer/filler and the KEG2000W which is a twin head washer. The KEG2000 will clean and fill 28 30l kegs or 20 50l kegs an hour. The KEG2000W will wash up to 48 kegs an hour. For more information visit: Brewing up more cleaning innovation Pentair’s new Keg Monitor Pentair has launched the Haffmans Keg Monitor type KEG 2.0 that offers significantly improved handling through a Windows- based PC-program and simplified data transfer compared to its predecessors and similar products available on the market. In breweries and soft drink production plants, keg washing is an essential process in the packaging line. Pentair Haffmans’ Keg Monitor provides a valuable tool to evaluate the performance of the keg washer. The Haffmans Keg Monitor consists of a specially prepared keg, a handy/charger and a docking station. The prepared keg travels among the other kegs through the keg washer, and measures the temperature of the incoming cleaning medium, the temperature of the cleaning medium leaving the keg, the temperature of the keg wall, and the pressure inside the keg in relation to time. In addition, the data logger registers the position of the keg in the cleaning process. The Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0 uses Bluetooth to transfer the measuring data from the Keg to the PC. A Windows-based PC program processes the data providing the user a complete picture of the keg washing process, including information on the existence of superheated steam, which enables the brewery to optimize the sterilization process and reduce energy consumption. Charging of the Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0 is wireless and eliminates the requirement for regular battery changes. The charging process requires less than ten minutes for 18+ hours of operating time. Breweries or soft drink producers supplying their standard keg(s) to Pentair Haffmans receive a Keg Monitor that is customized to their special keg size. Several keg sizes from 20 litres are available. The Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0 is available in two executions. In addition to the Standard execution that offers extended Bluetooth options, a cost-efficient Economy version especially for small and craft breweries is available. In addition, for existing customers, a retrofit package can be purchased to upgrade existing Pentair Haffmans’ Keg Monitors to the latest standard. For more information visit: Showcase PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT For more information visit: Dublin-based FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd is celebrating 25 years. On 25th August 2016, FDT hosted a large gathering of clients, former staff, suppliers and friends from the brewing, distilling and food industries to celebrate a quarter of a century since the company was founded by Frank Brady, Declan Grennan and Tom Joyce (guess where “FDT” came from!) Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, working in Ireland, UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean for a range of clients from large multinationals to small start-up distillers and brewers. Unfortunately, Frank Brady passed away in 2009 after a long illness and Tom Joyce has moved on, but their contributions were noted by MD Declan Grennan in his speech, as was that of brewing director, Paul Kavanagh, who passed away suddenly earlier this year. FDT continues to take on new challenges and was this year for the first time exhibiting at Brau Beviale. FDT celebrates first 25 years 56_Layout 1 30/10/2016 19:12 Page 1