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With the trend towards more and more hoppier beer especially amongst the younger drinkers this problem is only set to get worse. The use of hops in the conditioning tank is also a costly business due to the current prices for hops and also problems of availability with some of the more popular and newer hops being as rare as the proverbial ‘hens eggs’. Dry hopping can also add further conditioning time in the tank taking up valuable space which reduces the brewery output. Enterprise Tondelli with their manufacturing partners in Italy Simatec have the answer. The unit was especially developed for the award-winning Italian brewery SorAlaMA a few years ago. The system is mobile so that it allows it to be moved around the brew house between tanks as required using flexible hoses to give maximum versatility. It can be used with either dried hops or hop pellets. Some of the hop material will remain in the isobaric hop injector which reduces the load in the beer and cleaning. Additionally as the hop material is kept in slow circulation it reduces the amount that settles in the bottom of the cone improving yield and reducing cleaning. Other very interesting benefits are a potential reduction in hop usage by around 20 % and reduction in conditioning time of around 2 days. Mr.Paul Holden-Ridgenway, Head Brewer of Craft Brewery “B.A.D. Co.” or as they are formally known Brewing and Distilling Ltd, based in N.Yorkshire, recently took delivery of a unit for its expanding brew house. He commented, “We have been highly delighted by the results of the unit. Already we are seeing significant improvements in hop usage and conditioning time. Having the wort in very slow circulation really helps the yeast to work. We love the fact that it is mobile as it allows us to move it around to where it is needed.” In the history of engineering, 40 years is just the blink of an eyelid. In the realms of modern business, it is often more than a lifetime. In 2016 ALECTIA Ltd celebrates 40 years in business. ALECTIA Ltd was born out of Penborn Technical Services founded in 1976 by five engineers and became part of the ALECTIA family in 2008. ALECTIA has its roots in Denmark where the parent company was formed in 1912. “We are very proud of our 40 years in the world of business especially surviving and growing through the recent recessions.” said UK Head of Operations Nick Hickman. The biggest breakthrough came with the UK lager and pasteurised keg beer boom in the late 70s. Although all the big breweries had their own in-house teams they couldn’t keep up with the work so looked for outside expertise. Penborn were able to provide this expertise attracting so much business they were all able to become full-time employees and rent their first office space. Nearing retirement and seeking an exit strategy, in 2008 the then Directors sold Penborn to the Danish company ALECTIA A/S. Nick Hickman commented, “I believe the main keys to our success has been our commitment to developing specialist teams that understand their industries inside out as well as the knowledge and experience of our engineers. The founders have left us with a great heritage that we will continue to build on. We are currently experiencing the growth of a market that is constantly demanding more innovative solutions and a larger variety of products. This is where the strength, knowledge and experience of our international team gives us an advantage in winning ever more challenging and interesting projects. We are expecting this trend to continue and will look forward to growing the business worldwide." ALECTIA Ltd continues at the forefront of process engineering and project delivery for the brew, distillery, and beverage industries, with a worldwide reputation for an outstanding knowledge base, quality specialist teams and an ability to blend solid engineering techniques with commercial know-how. 58 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS For more information visit: For more information visit: Showcase PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT ALECTIA Ltd’s 40 years in business Isobaric hop injector answer to prayers 58_Layout 1 30/10/2016 19:13 Page 1